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Kaspersky antivirus is one of the well-known antivirus brands in the market. These are giving protection for 20 years and also dose a great job by protecting its millions of users. And not only that it also excels in the lab tests and provides a range of excellent bonus features to their users. But from the year 2015, there are questions about the data collecting practice by the Kaspersky. 


Some of the western media claimed that the Kaspersky replace all their employees with the Russian government employees. And also claimed that the Russian hacker has using the Kaspersky as the medium to steal US intelligence data. In addition to that, the US government departments even banned the use of Kaspersky software on staff computers.

After that Kaspersky Company denies all these allegations and it has taken the steps to improve their transparency so that it got the trust of the people again. Because of that company move there large part out of Russia.

Yes, series of scandals and the suspicious around the name of the Kaspersky have an effect on the overall trust of the user on the Kaspersky. In our review about the Kaspersky, we will let you know about its solid malware and ransomware protection.

After these scandals, a lot of people ask about that the Kaspersky is safe?

And our answer to that is, yes it is saved in terms of malware and virus protection, it is one of the strongest antivirus software out there. And not even that it is very easy to use; also have lots of extra features to offer to their users. But before you use this product, you should know about its features and a few important things about it. In this article, we have given you the depth and fire review about the Kaspersky antivirus. In this, we have focus, that how well it can protect you from the virus and the malware. And also check that how Kaspersky using your data. Below all the details of it

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Features of Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus is the first plan or the entry-level plan and the cheapest plan. It also offers you real-time protection that can save you from the viruses. Also, you can also have a different scan that will detect the malware and deal with it.

Some of the features of the Kaspersky antivirus are as given below. As per the test from the latter refer to AV-Comparatives, SE-Labs and AV-Test. And each of them indicates the Kaspersky is the high-quality antivirus software in the protection and performance.

Malware Protection

If you ask us then we will consider the Kaspersky one of the best in the protection from the malware. In the test, it manages to detect and block almost 90% of malware viruses.

It also offers you real-time protection with its scan options that you can run any time. A piece of advice from us is to have a regular scan and also have the full scan or quick scan on your device to keep your device healthy. Their file antiviruses save your device file system from the attack of any computer virus infection. This file antivirus scan all the file on your system, either it is open or saved or launched on your device.

And if talk about the quick scans option, we have to say it not much quick but it is effective. It manages to find out all the threats and also succeeded in not having a false alarm. Similarly, we have tried the use the full scan option and it is pretty fast than others, it scans in the background and detects all the problems. It also has the option of the custom scan if you want to give more attention to some file or category.

In the test by the AV comparatives performance, it is shown 99.1% results which are quite impressive. The malware protection detects vulnerabilities in the system and recovers already damaged. It can also detect the USB key-based malware and prevent the attack from being done in a matter of seconds.

In the end, we have to say that the scanning possibilities of Kaspersky antivirus proved to be powerful. It is the antivirus that is reliable and also efficient.

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Ransomware protection

Ransomware is one the pestering type of virus, It is kind of Trojan that can modify your data or steal it and after that demand for ransom. Kaspersky offers you the best ransomware protection for your device.

Kaspersky promises that their ransomware tool is GDPR ready, and because of that you can trust it.

It is compatible with the other antivirus software and works without interruption if the Kaspersky weren’t your first solution. Its anti-ransomware detects, block and removes not only the malware but also removes the crypto-miners software, including adware, pornware and riskware objects.


It detects the ransomware component based on recognizing suspicious code behaviour. For instance, Kaspersky immediately blocks the application or the file tries to encrypt or change the system registry.

Password Manager

If you have a business and you are an active user in the online and offline market then you will know that the password means the world. If it’s the password of your website admin account or the password of your online banking. You will take all the steps to prevent the theft of the password by the malware.

Here the Kaspersky password manager comes in with the package of Kaspersky total security. It is very easy to use, you can access it from the interface or you can download or install it separately. It offers you the platform where you can synchronized experience when you want to manage the password of your desktop, notebook and other devices.

The best benefit of the password manager is that you are securing online and offline. It helps you to create the hack-resistant password, store the passwords with the risk of the data breach and also manage them. Each of the devices has the database that secures the password and other data from the private notes ad auto-fill fields.

Safe Money

Online banking and online payment system s become common nowadays. And if dint pays attention to the security of your online backing then you can experience serious financial loss or data breaches.

The Safe Money component by Kaspersky works as the enhancer of your online banking or payment system security level.

It starts working whenever you enter the online banking profile. It checks that the banking or online payment is safe, and also prevent you from using the fake website. It also offers you to enable it whenever you enter the banking detail to any website for payments. We ask to use this feature will you are doing online banking or online shopping.

Webcam protection

In this, you can safe your privacy. Hackers can use or activate your device webcam without your knowledge. And for that Kaspersky helps you to save your privacy and also able to block all the attack and alert you of the attempt. 

Parental control

Parental control allows parents to keep an eye on their children will doing web browsing. It also allows the parents where there children in both the real worlds with the help of the GPS and in the online world. They also the content which they dint want that their children can see it

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AV-Comparatives are a real-world protection test for the antivirus, which to check how the antivirus engine performs against the internet viruses. From the report of February-May summary from the AV-Comparative Kaspersky found usual best, first out of the 16 with the 100% detection rate and zero false positives.  But the report in the July-October put Kaspersky way back the 14th place with the poor 99.1% result.

That not all other labs have a different view about that

AV-Tests windows home user reports no found issues. With the help of the Kaspersky internet security, it blocks 100% of test threats in every 2019 test publish so far.

 Also the SE-Labs October-December 2019 Home Anti-Malware Protection. The report shows that Kaspersky is one of the best in stooping all the malware and beats all the contenders with an accuracy of 100%.

We also ran some of the custom tests on this anti-virus, and it passes by flying colour. IT restores the entire file and detects all the virus and deal with it. This is the results and shows that program cam protects you against the new internet threats.

Plan by Kaspersky Antivirus

PlansAnti—VirusInternet SecurityTotal Security
3 Devices$29.99$39.99Not available
5 Devices$39.99$44.99$49.99
10 DevicesNot availableNot available$74.99

For more about plans by the Kaspersky Anti-Virus then click here.

Kaspersky Antivirus is known for its sophisticated antivirus program to protect you from the antivirus. For that, there are three antivirus programs or cybersecurity which is provided by Kaspersky. Each of the suites comes with different subscriptions and different plan price according to the number of licenses required. 

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This plan by the Kasper is only for the windows and also it has the limits for the password managers, which are 15 sets of credentials. It also protects you from the stalker were quasi-legal spyware which can be used by your business partner or by the jealous or crazy lover. It will charge $60 per year for three devices or $80 for five devices. A bit more the Bitdefender is offering.

Kaspersky Internet Security

These plans by the Kaspersky antivirus cover only the three devices at the prices of $80 per year or cost you $90 for five devices. In this plan by the Kaspersky, you get the two-way firewall, Webcam protection, anti-tracking defences and also got the Safe Money hardened Browse. It is the mid-level suite and offers you a great deal of value. And also it is useable on the windows, macOS and Android.

Kaspersky Total Security

In this plan by the Kaspersky, it includes file encryption, file shredding and file protection in the case of ransomware attacks. It also includes Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium and has an unlimited password manager, at the cost of $100 per year for five devices and $150 for ten devices.

Mostly all of the antivirus suites from the Kaspersky have the secure VPN connection with the 300 MB a day. Or if you want to have unlimited VPN data then you have to pay $30 per year extra.

Kaspersky Security Cloud

It is appropriate to define the Kaspersky cloud as a new set or a separate suite for your devices. This suite provides the protection and focuses on your internet security, online payment, covers webcam, microphone and also provides you with keyboard safety. Not even that it also offers you the advanced parental control mode for your kid’s safety.

It is not different from the other suite by the Kaspersky; it is a perfect tool to keep your hard drive alive and kicking.

In conclusion

If you ask us about the Kaspersky Antivirus then we will have to say that it is one of the best antiviruses we have reviews. And also have the easy user interface which helps a lot. Kaspersky managed to develop an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate and deal with. It doesn’t need any extra knowledge and has quite comprehensive article collections on their support website. The entire needed information cam is found on the home screen. And not even that you can also customize the setting as per your need.


In the end, we have to say that the Kaspersky is the best antivirus and the best malware killer and also you can trust on it. If the article helps you in any way then please tell us in the comment box given below. If you need any help related to tech problem then please contact us. Also, check the alternative antivirus which is given below

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