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McAfee Antivirus is one of the best antivirus software that provides the protection to an array of the small, midsize and large enterprise customer. Most of the antivirus offers you the protection in wide rages. For instance a basic antivirus, a simple security suite. And a more comprehensive security suite and in the end, an ultimate premium security suite, with several other offers to catch the attention of the consumer.


But the McAfee consumer range offers you the range of simpler protection suite, mostly build around one product. If we talk about the McAfee Total Protection, then we have to say it is a one-stop security suite which includes all the important suite functions. For instance antivirus, spam filter, file encryption, password manager, a firewall, malicious URL blocking, secure file deletion app, web performance booster and file encryption. It also provides you with free identity theft protection for the US customer only.

What does McAfee offer you?

Most of you know McAfee through the preinstalled version on its antivirus software that the company would pay to include on its windows 10. But aside from the preinstalled version of McAfee, it also offers four other antivirus subscription plans for the different costumes. For instance

Total Protection Single Device ($ 29.99 for the first and after that $ 79.99 upon renewal, each subsequent year)

This protection plan covers only one device and only one user. And also includes all the standard protection like the antimalware protection, a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you auto-renew, firewall, password manager, safe web browsing, and 256-bit AES sensitive file encryption. It also includes McAfee Shredder feature which permanently deletes the file and makes them unrecoverable.

Total Protection Individual & Couple ($34.99/$99.99)

This plan forms the McAfee offers you the protection of for 5 devices and also run on the windows, macOS, iOS, or Android.

Also in addition to that, it provides the identity theft protection if you have your subscription set automatically renew. But this feature is only for the US costumers. This plan also includes the dark web monitoring and social security, number trace alert to protect your privacy and alert you from the potential identity fraud. Also offers you 24/7 access to dedicated identity agents.

Total Protection Family ($34.99/$99.99)

This plan form the McAfee antivirus gives protection to 10 devices. With the same feature that is available in the individual & couple plan and includes parental controls. The equivalent Bitdefender Total Security license is fractionally cheaper, while the Kaspersky total security is more expensive. But the McAfee offers you the quite fair value and for the features, you are getting from it.

McAfee Antivirus LiveSafe ($39.99/$199.99)

This plan form the McAfee antivirus covers an unlimited number of devices. And includes the entire feature that the total security plan offers you and in addition to that you are getting

Vulnerable scanner, a tool helps you to scan, install windows and also updates the application

Web Advisor, which gives you heads up sides attacks, risky websites, links and protects your privacy file while you doing online shopping or internet banking.    

App boost, it helps you speed up the apps that use a lot of processing power.

Quick Clean, Which removes unwanted files to optimize storage space and get rid of cookies and other temporary files.

In all the McAfee protection packages you got the VPN and identity theft protection if you agree to auto-renew. Not only that you also got the McAfee Virus protection pledge if you have the turn on the auto-renew. Suppose your computer becomes infected by the malware, then McAfee will remove the malware or refund the entire plan price which has purchases. And in addition to that if you turn off the auto-renew at any time then you will lose features of the VPN, identity theft protection, and virus protection pledge. 

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Not even that McAfee also sells some of the spate security protection plan to protect your privacy and security. Which are given below

McAfee Safe Connect VPN ($7.99 a month or $34.99 annually for the first year, $ 47.99 after that)


It comes with the seven-day trial and covers up to five devices running Windows, macOS, iOS, and android.

McAfee Gamer Security ($ 19.99/ $59.99)

It is the plan offers from McAfee for windows 10 devices with MicroAV engine, which helps to improve the computer’s performance.

Antivirus Protection

In addition to that, I also stop the viruses, worm, Trojans and rootkits. It also defends against the crypto-jacking software that can misuse your computer to mine cryptocurrencies. Not even that all the McAfee plans in the US and Australia also includes ransom guards, which keep your files, save from the ransomware attacks. Before they can encrypt your file which you are working for a much longer time.

You can start a quick and full scan on your computer, from the home screen by just two clicks. And you can also right-click on any file in windows explore to san t alone, which might are misbehaving. But none of the McAfee doesn’t offer you the webcam or microphone protection for stop snooping on you will you are using it. And also if your system gets overwhelmed by malware. Then you will need to use another antivirus product because McAfee dint offers you that protection also.


AV-Comparatives are the Real-World Protection Test is one of the benchmarks which pits 16 of the world biggest antivirus engines against the very latest virus threat for your computers.

In the test of July-October, the average performance of McAfee places the company in the 8th place in most secure antivirus with 99.4% of rating. It is the summary report by the AV-Comparatives.


But that the long way behind the leaders which are Avira and Symantec, which blocked 100% of viruses threats. Also, McAfee is ahead from some of the big name in the antivirus market, which is Avast with 99.3% rating and F-Secure with 99.3% and even Kaspersky 99.1%.

In AV-Test results for October 2019 with McAfee not able to top the result. But performing well enough to earn one of the AV-Test’s “Top Product” awards.

But we have run some of the tests on it and dint finds it good enough as compare to Kaspersky Security and Bitdefender. Also, we have found that McAfee ca detect most of the real-world malware from behaviour alone. And that is the most important result.

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It is important to have total protection which includes firewall protection, and which automatically make intelligent choices. For instance, which application will get permission to use the internet or access the internet. This is the most common and tucked in the interface, but most of the user dint even knows about it, that this kind of setting even exists.  

But the experts know or access the wide range of the firewall features or settings. Including the ability to open or close the specific ports or define custom rules for some individual application. But these options of the firewall are harder to find and it also takes us some time to begin, to figure out what option do what possibly.

Even then we often puzzled in the firewall of McAfee. The firewall has the intrusion detection system, for instance, but it turns off by default. And only left with the two settings which are basic or high. Even the web knowledgebase has no real information on what it does and consequences it off or on.

More Features by McAfee

 McAfee also offers some of the other important feature, which is given below.

Total Protection Spam Filter

The performance of the Spam Filter from the McAfee was excellent, with the filter detecting most spam and not falsely flagging any legitimate emails. But if this setting doesn’t work for you then there are wide ranges of other features by McAfee.

True Key Password Manager

It is the feature that allows you for creating and syncing passwords across up to five devices. It’s strong on multifactor authentication methods for emails, fingerprints, the second device, Windows Hello, and more. But it is also not good in some other area like the general form filling abilities and no secure way to share your passwords.

Vulnerability Scanner

The Vulnerability Scanner is a feature that will suppose to check for and install the missing files and application updates for your device. It is the feature that helps you to scan for the file that your device might miss. And maybe that might be the problem that your device is misbehaving. But it does nothing, w tried to launch this feature in two ways and it turns out it does nothing. There was no new dialogue box, no error or missing message, nothing at all.

Also, there is some more other feature, which must download or separately install are as follow

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Protect Me on the Web

By clicking “protect me on the web” feature by McAfee opens the website of McAfee WebAdvisor. For instance, it is a browser extension which defends your device from the malware, malicious sites and more while you are using the internet or browsing the internet. This feature by the McAfee is also available for free; you have to buy the total protection plan to use this feature of web security.

App Boost

App Boost optimizes CPU and I/O, to improve their performance. Use of this feature won’t make the difference and some it is not noticeable at all, but the company say that you cloud see an 11-145 of increase speed on your device. And also increase the speed of the targeted application, which, if it’s true then it features worth having.

Web Boost

After app boost, there is one other feature which is Web Boost. Just like the name it offers you to speed up your browsing speed.

Quick Scan

There are other minor tools of this antivirus. A Quick scan option removes the tracking cookies and temporary files from the device. And you can also schedule it to run the quick on the device automatically.


It is the feature that worth knowing. If you delete the file then there is a chance that it gets being recovered. But if you delete your file with help of shredder then it can’t undelete it. A Shredder is a securely deletes the file and make sure that no one can recover it ever.

Network Monitor

It is the tool that helps you know, about your Wi-Fi and also tells if there are any intruders trying to connect to your Wi-Fi.

The user who is working on the PC and knows more about the antivirus will probably have more powerful freeware tools. But these tools by the McAfee are very easy to use and also convenient to access and also add a little extra value to your antivirus suite.

In Conclusion

If you ask us about the McAfee antivirus then we will have to say that, it is the good antivirus software. And also did well in our rating for the antivirus. In addition to that this software effectively detects and removes the viruses and other related threats. One of the best things about the McAfee is that all the version or plans by it support Windows, macOS, iOS and Android. And if we talk about the shedder’s feature then we have to say it is kind of that will keep you clam after you have deleted something. And also dint wants anyone can see it.


If you choose the auto-renew plan from the McAfee virus Protection Pledge, then they will promise you to remove all the malware or refund your money on that plan. Also if you like this article or if this article gives any help then please tell us in the comment box which is given below. And if you want related to tech then contact us for help. Also for tech-related help please check the links given below.

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