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Norton Antivirus is one of the oldest antivirus available in the market, we can say that it’s there around ages. Norton has a great reputation in the market for antivirus and in addition to that, it also offers a decent value on their products to protect your computer.

Norton Antivirus

One of the recent launches of the Norton product is the Norton Antivirus Plus. It is the power full antivirus with the features like Anti-ransomware, intelligent firewall, password manager, malicious URL filtering and also the simple cloud back up of 2 GB.   

Some of the features of the Norton antivirus are as follow

Feature of the Norton Antivirus

Reliability and security

Norton provides you with the best protection through the test conducted by the AV-comparative by blocking almost about 99.3% threats. It scores the maximum of 18 points in the lab test by the AV.

It means that if you try to open a website which has the threat of a virus or of malware then Norton will immediately block the access. Or if you tire to download any infected file, then Norton will stop the download to protect your device.  It also moves the virus in the quarantine folder to protect the computer from it.

Malware protection

Just like the other antivirus, Norton antivirus provides you with the three-layer of protection from the malware. It helps you to heuristic analysis the application and also checks the code to detect the unknown malware before it affects your device.

Ransomware Protection of Norton Antivirus

Ransomware protection is also a part of every Norton antivirus and version. It also provides you with the protection against the encryption and also provides you protection whenever you’re online and doing online shopping without being afraid of being affected.

Available packages from the Norton

Norton antivirus protection offers four different products or the package in the market for its user. In which, if Norton fails to protect your device then you can claim for refund. And your money is being refunded it is the promise by the Norton.

Norton antivirus plus

It is the basic package by the Norton and provides you with the protection for 1 PC or Mac. Also, protect you from the malware and ransomware.

Norton Antivirus

It comes at the rate of $39.99 for a year for 1 device and also provides you with the 2 GB safe cloud storage.

Norton 360 Standard

It is the basic or standard protection plan from the Norton. Like the other basic plan, it offers you the protection for 1 device. Have all the other feature of the basic plan like the Norton antivirus plus

It comes at the rate of $49.99 for 1 year and for 1 device and also provides you with up to 10 GB of cloud storage. It was also compatible with the PC, Mac, Android, iOS.

Norton 360 Deluxe

It is same as the standard pack of 360. But cover up to five devices and also give the option of parental control.

Norton Antivirus

It comes at the rate of $59.99 for a year and provides you with up to 50 GB of safe cloud storage.

Norton 360 with LifeLock select

In the end, it is the highest package of the 360 series. It has all the feature of the deluxe package and in addition to it also provides you with the identity theft protection program.

Norton Antivirus

It comes at a rate of $99.99 per year.

In conclusion

To be honest it is the kind of the antivirus that provides you with the proper protection from any kind of the threat. In the end, it is the best antivirus protection for your device. If you like this article or this article gives you any benefit the please give us the feedback in the comment box below.

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