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Brother MFC-J895DW is a very decent printer inkjet printer. It is the kind of printer suites with the person who mainly print in black only, and if we talk about the colour printing then it is very costly. Because of the cartridges of low yield, in the Brother MFC-J895DW, you get the printer features for home-office and small-office features. For instance document feeder, faxing and 150 sheet paper tray.

Brother MFC-J895DW

And just like the other Brother home smart printers, Brother MFC-J895DW is only available at the amazing price of $129.99. In this article, we will review the Brother MFC-J895DW, and also tell you the pros and cons of this printer in details.

Build and Design of Brother MFC-J895DW

The Brother MFC-J895DW has a very great build and design. The design of the printer is very good and the dimensions.

  • Height: 6.7(17.0 cm)
  • Width: 15.9(40.3 cm)
  • Depth: 13.5 (34.2 cm)
  • Weight: 16.8 lbs (7.6 kg)

The main paper tray in the base of the printer, it can hold 150 sheets of A4 paper and there is another tray at the back of the printer that allows you to insert glossy photo paper. And not only that this printer also supports the duplex (two side printing) printing.

The ink cartridges are easily accessible and the paper jam can only be accessed from the back of the printer. The scanner lids hangers can easily be extended if you need to scan the thicker document. And some of the drawbacks of the printer is that the power cord isn’t removable so if it gets damaged then you have replaced the whole printer.

Display Screen

The Brother MFC-J895DW display console is one of the best features in the printer. It good vertical viewing display and can be tilt-up for better results or visibility. Which make it very easy to see when you are standing or sitting. One of the best features of the display is that it is touch-sensitive and also very responsive. The screen can get dim after a set amount of time, for that you can set the sleep time of the screen to 5 minutes so you can work better.

Brother MFC-J895DW
  • Display screen: Yes 
  • Display screen size: 2.6 (6.7 cm)
  • Touch Screen: Yes

Cartridge of Brother MFC-J895DW

If we talk about the cartridge then we have to say that Brother MFC-J895DW cartridge system is not very good. The ink in the cartridge is run out very quickly and that why you have to replace them if you print regularly. In addition to that, the printer won’t print if any of the cartridges is out of ink, even if the print is in the Black and White. And if you use the third party cartridge then the printer doesn’t recognize them. But don’t worry it still works, it just dints able to detect or display the ink level. If you use the third-party cartridges, then it may void the manufactures warranty. 

Things you get in the cartridge of Brother MFC-J895DW are as follow

  • Photo Cartridge: No
  • Number of Colour Cartridge: 3
  • Black Cartridge Model: LC3011 BK
  • Estimated Black Pages Yield: 190 Prints
  • Colour Cartridge Models: LC3011C/M/Y
  • Tested Colour Page Yield: 6.00 Prints
  • Estimated Colour Page Yield: 127 Prints
  • Third-Party Cartridge: Yes
  • High Yield Cartridge: XL
  • Drum Unit: No Drum Unit
  • Tested Black Pages Yield: 10.00 Prints


In the field of Scanning, the Brother MFC-J895DW has a great scanning feature. You can scan the pages very quickly because of the automatic document feeder, but it can’t perform the duplex scanning. And also the scan resolution is limited to t600 DPI when you are using the automatic feeder.

Brother MFC-J895DW

Things you will get in the scanner of Brother MFC-J895DW

  • Scanner: Yes
  • Scan Flatbed: Yes
  • Scan Sheetfed: Yes
  • Automatic Documents Feeder: Yes
  • Duplex Scanning: No
  • Scan Resolution:  1200 DPI
  • Scan Colour Depth: 24 Bit
  • Flatbed Scan Size: 8.5 x 11
  • Fax: Yes
  • Copy: Yes

Cost Per Print for Brother MFC-J895DW

The cost per print for the Brother MFC-J895DW is quite decent. But due to the printer low yield for both colour and black pages, the ink cartridge needs to replace or refill often. And if we talk about the price of the black ink then is at a reasonable price. On the other hand, the colour printing is very expensive you print a lot of colour print.

Also keep in mind that even if you only print in black, most inkjet printer continues using the colour cartridges for giving you the print. So sooner or later you have to replace them eventually.

Cost per prints of Brother MFC-J895DW

  • Black Cartridge Price: 13.49 US$
  • Colour Cartridge Price: 23.99 US$
  • Black Only Printing: 0.071 US$/Print
  • Colour Printing: 0.189 US$/ Print
  • Photo Printing: 0.500 US$/ Print
  • Ink Subscription: No

Printing Speed

The printing speed of the Brother MFC-J895DW is quite good. Although the first page of the black- only document comes very quickly, the remaining page dints come that much faster. On the other hand, it prints colour document faster. And the input tray can hold a good amount of paper and the printer can perform the double-side printing, which can save you a lot of time.

Following are the printing speed of Brother MFC-J895DW

  • Black Only text Documents: 9 PPM
  • Colour Document: 10 PPM
  • Photo Printing Time: 57.0 sec
  • First Page out Time (Black Only): 8.0 Sec
  • Duplex Printing: Automatic
  • Input Tray Capacity: 150 Pages

Copy and Scan Speed of Brother MFC-J895DW

The Brother MFC-J895DW is quick to make the colour copies.  It makes the colour copy in just 19.8 sec which is faster than the average time 26.3 sec. But the Canon PIXMA TS1920 is the best printer in printing the colour print and the time of a colour copy is 17.3 sec.

Want to know more about Canon PIXMA TS1920 Then click here for detail review.

The black and white copy was close to average speed, MFC-J895DW made it a black and white copy of text page in 15.7 seconds and the average speed is the 15.4 seconds. Means the speed of the black and white copy is below average. The Canon PIXMA TS1920 speed of black and white is 14 seconds. And if we talk about the quickest printer which prints the black and white print in just 9.4 seconds is the Canon PIXMA TS6020.

If you are using the option of ADF, then MFC-J895DW made the text copies at the speed of 4.3 PPM. It will take one minute and ten seconds to copy a five-page document. And this is faster than the single page copy speed.

The Brother MFC-J895DW does not scan both sides of the documents similar to produce two side copies. To do that you have to do it manually.  You can scan the single side of the document and command to make the duplex copies.

And if we talk about the scanning of the photo then we have to say that it not very good at that. Firstly there is no option for 8 x 10-inch setting in the iPrint&Scan software or via the touch screen menu for scanning the glossy original of that size. Also scanning photos at the high resolution took two minutes and twenty-three seconds, which is much longer than Canon PIXMA TS1920. The Canon PIXMA TS1920 will take 37.8 seconds to take and scan and save it in the JPEG format.

Want to know more about the Canon PIXMA TS1920 Then click here for detail review

Scanning the black and white was better but still a little bit slower then the average speed which 10.8 seconds. And the Brother MFC-J895DW captures a black and white scan in 11.3 seconds. In the iPrint&Scan software, you select the format in which you want to save the file after scanning is complete. And if we compare this with the Canon PIXMA TS1920 then it is much faster than it, at the speed of 7.7 seconds.

Colour Accuracy

The Brother MFC-J895DW colour accuracy in fine. It is okay for personal use or a small splash of colour in a document. But if you ask us then, we will not recommend it for professional use. 

Brother MFC-J895DW

The Average Colour dE: 10.35

Printing quality of Brother MFC-J895DW

This model by the Brother prints the sharp text with best quality inkjets. But there are some of the slight lumps on the edge of the letterforms which keep it from the laser-printing quality. But the print by this printer looks dark and sharp-looking overall. And when you are using the option of a duplexer for printing the documents, however, the text on the two-sided document prints lighter. Not only that the edges of the text looked more speckled, which look like the draft mode.

It is also good in making the accurate copies of the text and graphics. The magazine pages were copied faithfully and the black and white copies of the colour documents or graphics reproduce the tonal range well through the mid-tone, with the smooth transition.  But copies of the glossy photos onto plain paper lacked some details and colours also did not look as bright.

Scans of text and graphics in the black and white look crisp and accurate in the PDF format. On the other hand, the scan of the colour document looks dark. The colour lacked “pop” as a result and also having a slightly muddy appearance. Fine details in the shadow area were missing, giving dark areas a “blocked-up” appearance.

Print Size

The print size of the Brother MFC-J895DW is most common as the paper size. It has a front input cassette and a rear manual feeder that accepts the most common paper size. The output tray is the part of the input tray which can hold up 50 sheets of paper. And on the other hand the input tray itself holds up to 150 sheets of paper. 

Following are paper size accepted by this printer

  • Letter (8.5″ x 11″): Yes
  • A5 (148mm x 210mm): Yes
  • Photo (2″ x 3″): No
  • A4 (210mm x 297mm): Yes
  • Photo (4″ x 6″): Yes
  • A6 (105mm x 148mm): Yes
  • Photo (5″ x 7″): Yes
  • Legal (8.5″ x 14″): Yes

Photo printing quality of Brother MFC-J895DW

On the other hand if we talk about the photo printing quality of Brother MFC-J895DW then we have to say that it is quite good. The entire colours are well defined, however, there is a bit of graininess and there’s presence of colour is grayscale. The printer can able to print borderless printing. But the image often is misaligned and would require manual adjustments to straighten it up.

The results from the Brother MFC-J895DW are not based on the scan photo; it is based on the actual physical photo. This may not be representative of the printer’s photo print quality. 


This printer has very great connectivity option, it just missing the support of Bluetooth and external storage devices.  For instance an SD card or a USB thumb drive. On the other hand, I also have NFC capability so, whenever a device that has a Brother’s iPrint&Scan app install in it, will launch the app automatically.

Brother MFC-J895DW

Mobile Application for Brother MFC-J895DW

If we talk about the Bother’s iPrint&Scan application hen we to say that it is superb. If you have a mobile device that has the capability of the NFC in it the app will launch automatically. Whenever the device is near the printer, this app allows you to have the scan print copy directly. And also help you to perform the maintenance tasks like checking the ink level ad ordering the ink. When you have to print the PDF and Microsoft Office file, for that the app needs to convert the file and then print it done automatically without any user permission.

Some of the feature of the mobile application

  • Mobile App Yes
  • App Name Brother iPrint&Scan
  • iOS Yes
  • Android Yes
  • Photo (JPEG, PNG) Yes
  • PDF Yes
  • Microsoft Office Files Yes
  • Text Files (TXT) Yes
  • Webpages (HTML) Yes

In Conclusion

Brother MFC-J895DW offers you a lot of things in the affordable price, which are the duplexer printing, a document feeder etc. Not even that the graphics print is very fast then the Canon PIXMA TS192. If this article helps you in any then please tell us in the comment section below. And any tech-related problems please contact us. Also for a more tech-related article please check the links given below thank you! 

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