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Dell laptop not starting is a common problem and also can easily be fixed. Today we were going to talk about the problems and the solution related to the dell laptop not starting.

Dell laptop not starting

Dell laptop not starting but the power light is ON

If the laptop is not starting but the power light then you have to try this following steps.

Try to perform the hard reset.

Mainly solution to all problems is to reset the device that will automatically fix the entire problem for this you have to follow these steps

  • Turn OFF the dell laptop.
  • Then disconnect the power cord of the laptop adopter and also remove the battery of the laptop.
  • And try to remove all the external devices cord like the printers and the also remove the memory device like the media card or a USB.
  • Then press and hold the power button to drain all the power inside the laptop, hold the power button for 15 to 20 seconds.
  • After doing all thi9s then reconnect the battery and charger to the laptop.
  • Try to boot the laptop and check that it turns on or not.

If the problem is the residual power then your laptop will easily turn and if your dell laptop not starting the try the steps given below.

Check the AC Adapter

Connect the AC adaptor to your laptop and check that your laptop LED power light is ON or not.

If it’s ON then the charger is perfectly fine, or if it’s not on then try to replace your charger AC adopter. Or try the next step

Check the Battery of the laptop if the dell laptop not starting.

  • Firstly power off the dell laptop and then remove the laptop battery
  • Secondly, connect the AC adapter to the laptop.
Dell laptop not starting
  • If your laptop is the battery is causing the trouble to turn on the laptop then the light blink and laptop will turn on.

Check for the specific error message

It happens that when your dell laptop won’t turn on then it will show you some kind of the error message.

To find the solution to that error you only need to Google the error.

Virus and malware

Check your laptop is dint effect by the virus and the malware.

To make your laptop free from them you have to first update the dell inbuilt anti-virus or try to run another trusted antivirus app.

Try to rest the Del laptop

If your dell laptop not starting then tries to reset the dell laptop to the factory reset setting. When you reset the data then you have to take this in mind.

  • Remember to perform the restore in windows 10.
  • Reset the deceive without loosing the data
  • Reset the Windows 10 using the push-button reset.
  • After that reinstall the windows 10 using the USB drive.

Take your laptop to the dell service centre or Laptop repairing shop.

Take your laptop to the laptop repairing shop or to the service centre. It may be the fault which cannot be repaired by this home hakes maybe the fault must be the software and the hardware. So take the device to the service centre to make it run again.  

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