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Email Service providers are the most common in today world. You can easily make any kind of Email ID in just a matter of time. Mostly this website almost gives the same service for instance send, receive, accept and also store online email.

Best Email Service Providers

In this article, we go to tell you about some of the best email service providers which can suit you as an individual or for business. We check this email service provider by the type of service they are given to you like the volume of storage space, easy user interface etc. To provide you with the best service provider that can easily meet with your requirement. And also tell you about the Business mail provided by these Email Service Providers.

G-Mail Email Service Providers

After the launched of the G-Mail in 2004 the Google or G-mail has become the global leader in the email service provider. According to the report from the Litmus, Gmail Is the most common email service provider which have a market share of 26% also based on the open rate. Since 2004 Gmail has got or boasts over 1.2 billion users.

Gmail or all the products of Google’s offer are rich in the feature and also give a great deal to the user. In Gmail user can arrange there in the box it help of the filter and also label it as the important emails.

Google also lunches the business mail like the G Suite.

What is G Suite?

G Suite is the most common answer in the online market to most of the different companies and organizations. It gives you the proper solution for emails, spreadsheets, presentations, decks, processing, virtual conferencing, also cloud storage, Google keep, and many other things.

Best Email Service Providers

Some of the great features about the G suite are as follow.


G Suite offers you the service of the Gmail to help you in your business. Also it provides you the Ad- free version of the Gmail.

G Suite also allows your employees to have their own Gmail account with the company domain name in it (For instance, [email protected] And also in small with 2 or 3 employees including the employer might dint need the G Suite for their business and it can easily run the business with free Gmail accounts and its features. But when you want to expand your business then you need more employees and also need some accounts that can be managed separately.

Google Calendar

It also offers you the service to have the calendar to manage your schedule and organizing your projects. In our business life, we relied on the schedule for the clients call and set reminders for the important projects. And Google calendar helps you to keep you remained your important meeting and many more thing.

Google drive

If you want to store, access, and share your important file at some secure place then Google drive is the answer to that. In G Suite basic plan you get 30 GB of storage for every employee and in Business, enterprise, and team edition you got unlimited storage or the cloud for your business so you can store your important notes and file.

Best Email Service Providers

Google Docs, Sheet and Slides

Google also provides Docs, Sheets, and Slides that can easily satisfy any organization problem of word processing, spreadsheet, and also presentation. This feature is the overall answer to the Microsoft office by Google. This feature by Google can run easily and smoothly on the internet and also there is no need to download any software.

It also helps you have or use the third party format on them with even converting them into the Google format. This feature also makes it easy for the company to have a file without having the additional purchase of the software.

Google Keep

It helps you to keep the note, like the question related to your products or queries, etc. it gives you a convenient place where you can keep and also make the to-do list or notes or also set reminders to always stay on track.

Best Email Service Providers

Want to know more about the G suite then Click here


The Outlook by Microsoft is the email or “Hotmail” service provider. Outlook offers the interface that 400 million users are using. Just like the Gmail outlook also give the inbox filter for the mail and also offer you the storage of 15 GB. It also you the option to use the Skype, Face book and PayPal so that you dint got any kind of the problem using it.

Microsoft also offers you the pioneering feature that will help you to pinpoint the important email in the inbox. Some of the important information about the meeting of about the flight so you can add to the calendar to make a reminder of that.

Microsoft also offers you the business mail called Office 365 or Outlook 365.  

What is Office 365?

Outlook 365 or the Microsoft office 365 is the business email provider platform that provides a full-featured email system with web access, integrated calendaring, a campus contacts directory, and also provides you with the 50 GB of mail storage and 5 TB of document storage per account.

Best Email Service Providers

Some of the greater features from the outlook are as follow

Mail for outlook 365

It provides you with the email service that helps you in your business. In the outlook, it will allow you the option where you can pin an important mail on the top of the mailbox. And also allow you to swipe the mail to archive message.


Office 365 also gives you the feature of contact or you can also be called it people. In this, you can search and also edit the existing contacts. The user can easily organize the contact into the folder and also linked it through various applications like multiple sources such as LinkedIn and Twitter. In this feature, you can easily add the contact just by clicking on the sender and when you see the contact card then click o the add button. After clicking on the add contact button you then add the contact in the outlook people.

Best Email Service Providers


It is one of the most important features for any businessman. In-office 365 you easily share the details of the calendar with the other workers and you can also attach the file so that your meeting dint go wrong.


Outlook 365 offers you the option to create a task and have them into categories and also move to them into specifics folders.

In Microsoft office offer you 2 types of plan

  • Microsoft office 365
  • Microsoft Office 2019

The Plan Microsoft 2019

If you are looking for the office version for only one device then the office 2019 will be the best option for you to use. In this plan you will be allowed to use the application like the MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Outlook all its features. This plan by Microsoft helps you to create the documents for the school, college or work. One of the drawbacks for the of it is that you have to pay for every new version and also dint got any other benefits.   

Want to know more about the OutLook 365 then click here for more information.

Zoho Mail Email Service Providers

Zoho is a brand that provides Email service to people. It is the email site basically made for the business user for effective communication. Zoho mail also provides more than 20 other Zoho applications that can improve the products. Also, improve the internal and external collaboration for the company.

Best Email Service Providers

It is the kind of mail that is popular among the small or home-based business. Zoho also provides the service by which you can customize the domain name. Because of the great feature of the Zoho there more than 10 million users in the email or business email service provider.

Some of the features by the Zoho mail are as follow

Zoho mail provides the multi-domains

It provides the option to have the Multi-domain like and also manage the different type of domains.

Aliases and group

In Zoho, mail administrators can make or organize their email account into the group and allow the different members to exchanges the idea. It also has the function which allows the administrator to make the multiple aliases for the business users.   

Instant Chat

Zoho mail comes with the feature of live chat, which means that you can easily chat with someone. And share or discuss the viewpoint related to business. Its also help you to make a decision faster.

Calendar, Task and Notes

Zoho offers you the feature of the calendar; task and notes to help you to keep you remember the important task and things. You can also share the calendars with your team mates. It also takes the notes which help you to quickly remember things.

To know more about the Zoho mail then click here for that.

Yahoo mail Email Service Providers

Just like the outlook strong attachment support is the key feature of the yahoo service. It gives the awesome option to find any photo, video or the doc file you ever send on it server via email. For someone who has the work of sending doc file may have been helping full.

Best Email Service Providers

One of the most important features of the yahoo mail is it offers you the 1TB of storage capacity on the free account and also allow the user to keep what they ever receive.  

Yahoo also provides the Business mail service which is called the Yahoo Small Business

What is Yahoo Small Business?

Yahoo Small Business provides the business email services that are help full you to make your business grow. In addition to that Yahoo small business offers you the service like subdomains, data transfer and better back-end and front-end performance.

With the help of the yahoo, you can easily set up the website for your business to grow. In the entire plan you get the 24/7 customer support, a free domain, get the unlimited site space, built-in SEO. If you are starting the business and choose the yahoo as the business partner to make your business grow and expand. Then it will help you to create a professional and high-quality business plan.  

Features offered by the Yahoo Small Business

SEO in Yahoo

Yahoo offers you the service which has the option of SEO to make your post more reliable and readable to your readers and customers. In addition to that, it offers you the feature In which you can upload the custom favicon. (An icon associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user’s list of bookmarks)

24/7 Support

All the yahoo plans come with the 24/7 customer support from its technical team to help you or guide you. And it is the great thing that you got the help outside the office hours.

App Gallery

Yahoo also provides the option to install its apps to boost your small business, and also allow you to have some more extra functionality to your business website. For instance, you can install Facebook and also install the live chat for video conferencing.

To know more about the yahoo small business you can click here.   

In conclusion

There is a lot of email service provider in the market, through which you can take the email service for yourself or for your business. Also check the article related to business email to know more about your need and requirement for the business mail. For instance G Suite, Yahoo Small Business, Office 365 or outlook 365 and Zoho mail to help you in your business. Check the pricing and the feature given by then to understand what suits your business all the link related to them are given below.

If this article gives any help then please tell us the feedback in the comment section given below. Also for the tech-related problem, you can contact us or try the related article given below.

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