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G Suite is one of the most common applications and has a user-friendly feature on the web. If you are looking for a solution that has an email service, cloud storage, calendars, and also some production software. You also know that Google is one of the leading brands in the email service provider and you heard the people saying that Google has great products. And if you are also looking to find, that what is Google G Suite and its feature. Then you will know about that in this article.

G Suite

What is G Suite?

G Suite is the most common answer in the online market to most of the different companies and organizations. It gives you the proper solution for emails, spreadsheets, presentations, decks, processing, virtual conferencing, also cloud storage, Google keep, and many other things.

How cloud you use this feature, in this article we going to tell you about the proper way to use G Suite for your company.

The feature we use on the daily basis.

In Google G Suite there are three different plans which you can use for you and for your company or organization. Firstly we start from the cheapest plan which is $5 per user per month. Our advice is to start with the basic plan to understand the need and type of feature you want to form this app. Some of the features are given below


After the launch of the G-Mail in 2004, Google or G-mail has become the global leader in the email service provider. According to the report from Litmus, Gmail Is the most common email service provider which has a market share of 26% also based on the open rate. Since 2004 Gmail has got or boasts over 1.2 billion users. Also one of the best things about the G Suite is that you get the enhanced ad-free version of the online email service provider.

G Suite

G Suite also allows your employees to have their own Gmail account with the company domain name in it (For instance, [email protected]). And also in small with 2 or 3 employees including the employer might dint need the G Suite for their business and can easily run the business with free Gmail accounts. But when you want to expand your business then you need more employees and also need some accounts that can be managed separately.

Google Calendar

If you are working on the multi-national company or if you are running a business then you will know the importance of the Google calendar.  In our business life, we have relied on the schedule for the client’s call and set reminders for important projects. Here the Google calendars come in to keep your schedule organized.

In G Suite you can have multiple calendars that every can accessible t everyone in your company. And you might also have the group calendars for your team meeting or other important stuff. It also helps you to complete the task of the company easily as compare to the free version.

Google Drive

If you want to store, access, and share your important file at some secure place then Google drive is the answer to that. In G Suite basic plan you get 30 GB of storage for every employee and in Business, enterprise, and team edition you got unlimited storage or the cloud for your business so you can store your important notes and file.

G Suite

Also one of the best things related to Google drive is its amazing search functionality. In this, you can directly search the file just by entering the file name or document name. This means that you can easily find your document, doesn’t matter how unorganized your drive will be.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google also provides Docs, Sheets, and Slides that can easily satisfy any organization problem of word processing, spreadsheet, and also presentation. This feature is the overall answer to the Microsoft office by Google. This feature by Google can run easily and smoothly on the internet and also there is no need to download any software.

It also helps you have or use the third party format on them with even converting them into the Google format. This feature also makes it easy for the company to have a file without having the additional purchase of the software.

Some of the common tasks for which we can use Google docs and spreadsheet are given below

  • Firstly, Getting the feedback on some doc or the spreadsheet from the team members
  • Also, allow you to have some guest bloggers for your blogs.
  • Then sending the written content to other or third-party sites. Also in today’s content market everyone is only asking for the Google doc, not for the word document file. Because it is easy to use and open on any application.
  • It also helps you run the quick financial figure.
  • And also allow you to write up the content for paid sponsorships.

Also one of the best features of Google Docs and Spreadsheets is the real-time commenting and unlimited version. It is also easy to share the file with co-workers.

Google Keep

It the feature for Google that many of not know about. Also if you are looking for some alternative for Evernote then Google Keep is the answer to your question.

G Suite

It helps you to keep the note, like the question related to your products or queries, etc. it gives you a convenient place where you can keep and also make the to-do list or notes or also set reminders to always stay on track.

Google keeps it very easy to share with your coworker or with your team members. Also, Google search to find some file workers perfectly and great.

G Suite Admin Console

The admin console for the G Suite allows the business owner to keep an eye on and also manage everything from one single place.

The owner can do anything from adding the new user to creating a group for important details. Also, manage the other device and the configure security setting, and also add a new domain name for your business.

But most of the feature is not available in the basic pack of G Suit. Some the feature is only available in the higher plans and if your try to use this feature than you get or see the “not available” message.

Some of the additional feature in G Suit

Following are some of the additional feature by the Google

Google Hangout chat:  It is released by Google in February 2018 and has the one on one chat feature. It’s basically the google new competing tool for other chat applications. In addition in this app, you can have a group and it includes all the G Suite plans.

G Suite

Google Hangout Meet: This is the conference video call option provided by Google. Also in this app, you can join the meeting directly from the calendar or you send the invite email to all of them.

Mobile management: If any of the trusted employee devices got stolen don’t need to get panic with help of mobile management device you can easily erase the device data. Also, it can only happens in the G Suite only.

Some additional feature those are only available in G Suite Business and Enterprise Users

G Suite features are only available in the G Suite business and enterprise plans. If you have a big business and mostly rely on emails, then using this feature can make you worry less.

Cloud search: it will help you search across your company content like from Gmail accounts to drive and docs, slides, calendars and many more.

Vault: This feature allow you to retain, search, manage, and also exports the important drive file and the doc or spreadsheet content and keep them on record.

Pricing in the G Suit

If we talk about the pricing of the G suits then we have to say that it isn’t the cheapest but it is extremely affordable. Because there are other online business email providers like Zoho mail, which offer the business mail service at a low cost. But your business is the key to your success and advice that in that area doesn’t try to save the money for a secure business. If you have a reliable business email service provider that can help you to manage the business then it will save you money down the road.

So here are some of the plans and their price by the G Suite for your business.

PlansG Suite BasicsG suite Business           G Suite Enterprise
Price$ 6/user/month$12/user/month$25/user/moth  
Business mailBusiness email through GmailBusiness email through GmailBusiness email through Gmail
Video + Voice ConferencingGot the Video + Voice conferencing featureGot the video and voice conferencing featureGot the video and voice conferencing feature
Shared CalendarsCan easily share calendars  Can easily share calendarCan easily share calendar
Feature of  Doc, Spreadsheet and SlidesHave the featureHave the featureHave the feature
24/7 Google SupportHave the 24/7 email and phone supportHave the 24/7 email and phone supportHave the 24/7 email and phone support
Admin controlSecurity admin controlSecurity admin controlSecurity admin control
Storage30 GB cloud storage1 TB for 5 or fewerUnlimited storage
Cloud search It has the cloud searchhas the cloud search
Vault It has the feature of vault (Archive and retention)It has the feature of vault (Archive and retention)
eDiscovery Have the eDiscoveryHave the option of eDiscovery
Audit repots It has the option of audit reportIt has the option of audit report
Data loss prevention  Drive + Gmail data loss prevention
Hosted  S/MIME for Gmail  It has that option
Third party archiving  It has Gmail third party archiving
Security  Enterprise grade security
Gmail log analysis  It has the Gmail log analysis

In other words, if you have 5 employees then it will cost you $30 per month.

How to Move to G Suite

If you talk about the business mail then we personally think that the G Suite is one of the best business service providers in our times.

Google also offers you to use the G Suite free for 14 days so that you like and understand the interface easily.

Below are some of the steps that are useful to get started with the G Suite for your business.

Step 1

Firstly Sign up with G Suite for your free trial

G Suite

Step 2

After that activate your account by signing up into your Google admin console. Then the email address will have your business name at the end of it like

Step 3

After signing up in the Google admin click on the option of “start setup” which will launch the setup wizard. Then you can give each team member an email address that has your business domain name. So after that, they can start using Gmail, Calendar, Hangout, and all other services provided by the G Suite.

G Suite

Step 4

Google admin account asks you to verify yourself or your domain name. For this, you will get the verification code just add that code on the website or on the domain name set to verify your account.

Step 5

This is the final step of the process and in this, you only have to follow the G Suite quick guide for setting up all the additional apps. Like Google Drive, Google calendar, Google Contact, etc.

In Conclusion

After reading this article you understand that the g Suite is the best ad great solution to your business or any business. When it comes to business email service providers then G suite is both easy and affordable. And we also think that most of your employees might familiar with Gmail, so it will take no time for them to understand the feature of it.

G Suite

If you like this article or this article help you in setting up the business account then tell us the feedback in the comment. If you are having any kind of tech problem then please contact us.

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