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Yahoo is one of the third largest email service providers in the world after G Suite and Outlook 365. Yahoo! Mail was the first to launch in the year of 1997 on October 8. It also provides the business email services that are help full you to make your business grow. In addition to that Yahoo small business offers you the service like subdomains, data transfer and better back-end and front-end performance.

Yahoo Small Business

With the help of the yahoo, you can easily set up the website for your business to grow. In the entire plan you get the 24/7 customer support, a free domain, get the unlimited site space, built-in SEO. If you are starting the business and choose the yahoo as the business partner to make your business grow and expand. Then it will help you to create a professional and high-quality business plan.  

Don’t believe in our word, just check the feature that is given below and make your choice for your business. Some of the features by the yahoo small business are given below.

Features of yahoo small business

Yahoo provides you with one of the best and reliable web hosting services that help you grow your business and make a better online presence in the market. Some of the most important feature by yahoo is.

Business email addresses

It helps you to build your presence and the reputation in the online market that will take your business to another level. By providing the business email address it also helps you to make the relation and communication with your customer which establish your credibility in the business.

Domain Names

A domain name is one of the most important things when it’s come to online business. In addition to that, it builds your reputation in the online market and helps in building your business. Yahoo provides the domain name registration to your business so can have the best fir of your business in term of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO in yahoo

Yahoo small business also offers you the option of SEO to make your post more reliable and readable to your customer. Also, it doesn’t like the competitor where you have to enter the meta- description, some keyword and title for the description. In addition to that, it offers you the feature In which you can upload the custom favicon. (An icon associated with a particular website, typically displayed in the address bar of a browser accessing the site or next to the site name in a user’s list of bookmarks)

Data Back and restore options

In the business mail by the yahoo, it also offers the option or feature to have the backup of your important data. In the case of a security breach or delete your data by mistake then it gives the option to restore the site information to get back the lost data.  It also has the SSL certificate that can encrypt your data when you have the problem of thefts.

24/7 Support

All the yahoo plan have come with 24/7 support from its technical team. This is the great thing that you need help outside the office hours then you can get help easily. Before telling the problem you have to first sign in the account and then try to contact the customer support, so they can know the account you are referring. Also, you can easily have the support for your problem via phone or ticket.

Yahoo Small Business

Online Resources

To get the help regarding then yahoo you can have help from the ranges of websites on the internet easily. You ask the question about the problem and directly contact the support of that site for more details. Like us, you can contact us easily and get help whenever you want.    

Or if you want to stick to the yahoo then for your queries then try to contact the official pages of yahoo. Like Yahoo small business support, and don’t go to the Yahoo Commerce Center support pages to get help. Because it is a different page, service and staff, and the staff won’t able to access your hosting details so they cannot help you.   

App Gallery

Yahoo also provides the option to install its apps to boost your small business, and also allow you to have some more extra functionality to your business website.

Some of the app helps to do these things.

  • Firstly you can install the Facebook chat on your website. Which can help you to communicate with you with your customers and get there feedback about the product and the services you provide to them via Facebook messenger.
  • It also allows you to install the live chat function in the website so can have the video conferences related to your business.
  • And in addition to that most importantly you can get a set up with an advertising network for your brand.

With help of these features by the yahoo, you can easily increase the sales and capabilities of your marketing.

Some of the categories that can help in your business are as follow.

  • Conversation
  • Customer contact
  • Payment processing
  • Financing
  • Back office
  • Brand presence and identity
  • Advertising
  • Engagement and retention
  • And all the latest app are in the New Category


Yahoo small business also provides you with the option of e-commerce in your business email account. In addition to that it helps you expand your company by offering the shipping, credit card processing, live insight, integration, inventory management and many more application to support your business.    

When you understand business mail then you also have the right to also know about the pricing by the yahoo small business.

Pricing by the yahoo small business

Yahoo small business offers the pricing of the business mail by them at $2.59 to $4.89 per month, plus taxes and fees with its five-year prepaid plan. The difference between all the plan is the difference between some premium feature and allotment of the feature. Like Email addresses, subdomain, disk storage space, site pages, data transfer allotment etc. And some of the premium features that are only allowed in the higher pack is the password protection and private domain registration.


Monthly charges$2.59$3.89$4.89
Site pagesUp to 10Up to 25Unlimited
Disk storage100GB500GBUnlimited
Data Storage100GB per month500GB per monthUnlimited
Email addresses2505001000
Number of subdomains100500500+
Backup and restoreYesYesYes
Secure FTP File manager Yes  Yes
Password protection  Yes
Private Domain registration  Yes

Yahoo also provides some more offers and services which are the domain name registration at the rate of $7.99. In Addition to that it also, offer you the website builder at the rate from $0 to $9.49 per month and also provides the option of WordPress hosting at the price of $6.49 per month.

It also offers you the solution to pay for the plan by using the American Express, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and online payment. Which are very easy to pay and use will you are doing this process.

In addition to know more about the pricing from the yahoo the click here

After knowing the price and another thing you need to know is how to make the yahoo mall business account.

How to create the yahoo small business account

  • If you are want to have a business account in the yahoo then you need to create the login ID and password for that.
  • Firstly go to the Yahoo Small business home page
  • After that, on the right top Conner of the screen, you have the account option click on that.
  • Then after that click on the link that says create account
Yahoo Small Business
  • After that you come on the signup page where you can create the account by filling all the details mention below
  • Then enter the first and last name
    • After that enter an email address that you are using right now to create the login in ID. Also on the email that you are entering, you will receive an email for verification.  
    • In addition to that re-enter the email address in other section
    • Then it will ask you to create the password for your ID. After that Enter a password that easily remembering for you and tricky for others. In addition to that password must have 8 characters with the uppercase, lowercase, number and special characters.
    • After that, it will ask you to enter the reCaptcha.
    • Then Check the terms of service and click OK
    • After that click on the creates account button.

Now the Login Page

  • Then check the email on the button says activates my account button. You can also click on the link provided in the email to activate your account.
Yahoo Small Business
  • After that Sign in the login ID and password that you have created.
  • Then after doing all this now are come to the welcome page where you can see the first and last name of the user ID. After that fill all the remaining detail ask by yahoo.
  • Also enter an alternative email address
    • Then enter a mobile phone number
    • After that mark all the check box and say yes to all terms of service and privacy policy.
  • Then it will ask you to enter the alternative phone number. (Optional)
Yahoo Small Business
  • After that, it will ask you to choose the 2 security question and answer.
    • Then ask you to choose the service like Business, Nom-Profit organization or Personal.
    • After all that click on the enter

Now you have created the yahoo small business ail for your business.

Difference between yahoo small business and G Suite

G Suite is the term that has a lot of information. G Suite is the most common answer in the online market to most of the different companies and organizations. It gives you the proper solution for emails, spreadsheets, presentations, decks, processing, virtual conferencing, also cloud storage, Google keep, and many other things. Click here to know more

 G Suite vs Yahoo mail

 G SuiteYahoo small business
Platform supportWeb- base, Android App, I phone AppWeb- based, Android App
Type of customerFreelancers, Small business, Medium size business, Large enterprises.Freelancer, Small business  
Customer supportOnline, Knowledge base, Video tutorialsPhone, Online, Knowledge, Video tutorials
PricingStarts at $5 per month For more please check the link below. Click hereStart the package range from $2.59
Key featuresAccess Control, Archiving & Retention, Auditing, Authentication, Automatic Notifications, Calendar management and many moreActivity tracking, Advertising management, SEO Management And many more
AttachmentsIn Gmail you can have the no limitation for the attachment. But total file is equal or lower to 25 MBIn yahoo mail only five file can attach at one time with the maximum size of the attachment of 10 MB.  
Official Chat and video conferencingHangout Chats for the chats and Hangout meet for the video conferencingNot Available  

This is some of the difference in the G suite and Yahoo small business.

Yahoo Small Business helps full?

There is a lot of Yahoo Small Business review in the market and they are both negative and positive. But most of the user has said that they are satisfied using it. Also they say that it is easy to use and setting up the website to maintaining, which helps you to keep running the website. However, some user expressed dissatisfaction with the service provided by the yahoo small business with its limitation in the administrator tool and occasional slow loading times.       

In Conclusion

If there is any other problem in yahoo small business please tells us about and try to contact our customer support service. Also in this article, we tell you all the best feature and pricing of the yahoo small business. To know and understand what kind of business mail you want o run your business. In addition to that our team checks a lot of reviews about this mail and after collecting the various data and solution. It narrowed down that Yahoo Small Business is the best recommendation for your business on the basis of price, easy to use, available features and reliability. It also provides the best customer support service as compare to other business mail providers. For more techs related article about the mail check below.

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