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PS5 is finally made it, it here to make your gaming experience amazing. It truly feels like the generational leap for console gaming. After the launch of the PS4, Sony works too hard and to replace it with the new and much-advance PS5. But we have to say that the seven-year-old PS4 system played the games fine.

PS5 Review

On the other hand, its easy t forgot because if you know how hard to buy one. But the Sony brings you the powerful graphics tech and also provides you with the widely innovation DualSense controller. It allows you for the level of immersion that wasn’t possible on the previous Sony PlayStation. And if we talk about its lightning-fast SSD, then we will have to say that its load the games in seconds which will change your gaming experience. Also, it is an AMD-powered GPU that can process 10.28 teraflops verse 1.84 teraflops. Not only is that it also tall, we mean really tall. It stands 16 inches (40.6 cm) in its vertical position.

But every good thing has some drawback and this one also have some. And we find that the speedy next-gen system also has some drawbacks. The PS5 from the Sony, have the beautiful interface and it is also fast and feels like a little. The system massive chassis is a bit inelegant, and also a pain for those who have limited space.

But thanks to the robust backward compatibility, snappy interface, amazing gaming performance and best load time. If you ask us then we will as the PS5 feels like the future of the gaming console.

Price Of the PS5

If we talk about the price and the launch of the PS5 then it was the first launch on 12 November in the U.S and then in the U.K and most of the part of the world on 19 November. On the other hand, the price of the PS5, are as given below

For the standard edition which includes a 4K-Blu-ray drive, at the price of $499

And for the digital edition, it will cost you $399

Design PS5 Review

Now lets you about the design of the PS5 by Sony. It is 15.4 x 10.2 x 401-inch, it much bigger than any gaming system come out in the past decade, if we include the PS4 slim and PS4 Pro. Not only that it is also bigger than its rival and the is the Xbox Series X, and also make the Xbox Series S look like a children’s toy.

PS5 Review

And because of the big size, the PS5 is good t delivering the best performance and also stay itself cool and quiet. Also, the sheer size of the new PlayStation could be an issue with the limited entertainment space area.  And if you want to put PlayStation horizontally o then you will need some of the space and or maybe a small table. Or if you plan on standing it vertically then it might adjust in your limited entertainment space. Not only has that it also included the detachable stand that allows you to position your beast console vertically or horizontally.

Ports and expansion

Now if we talk about the ports and the expansion, then it is the complete welcome for the modern conveniences. You get the Hi-Speed USB Type-A port up in the front and also got the USB Type-C super-speed port. And if you ask then we will say that it is amazing to see any console adding the feature of USB Type-C port in it, it is something out of the box. It helps you connect your modern accessories and storage drives.

And at the back of the PS5, you will see two Superspeeds USB-a port, an HDMI 2.1 port, An AC adapter and also an Ethernet jack.

If you want to expand the PS5 built-in storage which is 825GB of SSD storage, for that only there are the 4.0 M.2 expansion slots that you can access by opening up the console. Also, you have to use certain certified SSDs from the PS5 that will also meet Sony’s bandwidth requirements. For instance Western Digital SN850. In addition to that, it also works with the external hard drive, but it only helps with the carryover the PS4 games or to save file of the game.

Interface PS5 Review

If we talk about the interface of the PS5 then we will have to say, from the first look its look like the PS4 interface. But when we start using then we will find that it is more attractive and also an evolution for the PS4 software. The home screen will look familiar to the PS4 owner, with the horizontal row tiles that will show your recent games played. But hopping in and out the game and a navigating menu of the PS5 feels instantaneous. And the PS 4 menu feels sluggish and cluttered if compared both of them. Not only that the PS 5 also introduce some of the exciting new ways to play your games even faster without the killing loading time.

PS5 Review

In the home screen if you select or highlight a game then the game titles or the picture take over the home screen and game theme sound will start playing in the background. Not only that it also allows you to capture video or screenshot or also have the live stream on the YouTube jut by a quick tap on the create button.

But there is no option till now to organize your game into the folders. Just like there is an option in the PS4. Not only that, there an amazing feature of adapting the game theme, but there is also no option for the custom wallpaper.

Other Feature

There also some other amazing features. Like you can customize the control centre to have some quick access. Such as the network setting, accessibility option and the broadcast controls.

It’s a really a great PS5 interface which have the snappy and clean software, but the interface comes alive when you start playing the game. And tapping the PlayStation button while playing a game, brings the activity menu, that will provide you with information about your current mission status. Also, tell you the other in-game activates that you can do or a set of trophies you can go after.   

But as compared to the Xbox X and S series, Sony’s console doesn’t seem to be able to suspend the multiple titles at ones. Like the Xbox quick resume feature let you pick up the game right where you have left it. And it is frustrating as a gamer when you exit’s the game will close in favour of new one, which could lead to losing the unsaved progress. So it’s the bummer that Sony’s console doesn’t have an answer to one of the Xbox series X’s most convenient features.

Dual Sense Controller PS5 Review

On the other hand, the controller is one of the best controllers we have to seem so far. And if talk about the gamepad features then the gamepads haptic feedback, build-in speaker and the adaptive triggers work together perfectly. With help of this feature, the controller creates the tactical immersion I’ve simply never experienced while playing the games before. And when we talked about the DualSense that it’s a thing that take your gaming experience to next level. Like everything you do will give you a detailed level of feedback. It is a kind of thing that you need to experience to believe in.

PS5 Review

On the other hand, the adaptive triggers are especially very impressive, because they become harder actually what happing in the game. Like it gave more resistance when I was controlling my character in a loaded jumpsuit and just like that. And the game also take the advantage of the DualSence build-in microphone, as I had to blow on the controller to move a platform.

The controller packs have a built-in microphone that will allow you to have the chats with the friends while you don’t have the gaming headset.

If we take the feature aside then it is the pretty well as a standard controller. Not only that it is bigger than the DualShock 4 gamepad, with best fell and a great design that is much better than the Xbox wireless controller.

In addition to that, the DualSense button and trigger feel so great during every game. We had no issue in any game we have played to find that this is the great controller. The thumbstick and the triggers felt responsive when is used in the call of duty. And the touchpad is much bigger than the normal.

Performance And Load Time

All that now we will tell you about the performance and the load time of the PS5. And with the power of 8-core AMD Zen 2 processor, 10.3 teraflops of the graphics power and with the ridiculously fast custom design SSD. The PS5 offers you the best gaming experience and the best performance that come out of a games console so far.

PS5 Review

And it will not surprise you that the game running so good in the PS5. For instance, the game Spider-Man: Miles Morales look so amazing, not only are the enemies popping off the screen in the 4K. And because of the consoles ray-tracing support, the skyscrapers reflected off one and another realistically.

Not only that all the other games like the God of war and the mortal Kombat, work so fine.

Heat and the Noise Problem PS5 Review

PS5 dint has this problem in it, because of the massive internal fan and the large vents along the side of the chassis, it will keep the PS5 cool and quite also.  When you will play the game you will dint notice any noise, the PS5 is blissfully quite.

3D Audio PS5 Review

It also offers you the feature of the 3D audio in it, its tempest engine enables it 3D audio for the supported games. This will allow you to hear and experience the sound with the greater directionality than the standard sterol can offer you. But the 3D audio feature is designed with best headphone and headsets.

PS5 Review

Just like the other PS5 feature, it is also amazing and the made the console best to give you the best gaming experience. Not only that, but we also provide you with the information related to the other 3D audio supported game.  

In Conclusion

The PS5 is a genuine leap forward for the console gaming and also offers you the best gaming experience. Not only that it also offers you gorgeous 4K performance, stunningly fast loading times and the best controller which make the game more immersive and tactile than ever. In addition to that, it also plays all the PS4 games and load and them better and provide you with a better gaming experience. If you like our article the pleas tell us about the comment section given below. And for any tech-related issue then, please contact for help. And for more techs related articles please check the link given below.  

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