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How to increase your Internet speed

Internet speed , We all are dependent on the internet these days for finding the silliest information. We seriously spend most of our day on the internet. However, few people are not able to surf the internet because of very low speed.

Having a good internet speed will allow you to play any video, download anything and search any information in general. Here, in this article we are sharing some tips that will help you increase your speed. Continue reading to know more!

Internet speed

Test a different modem or router for Int speed

One of the biggest reasons for slow internet speed is a bad modem or router. You might be using the same old modem for ages and notice frequent internet dropouts and probably been blaming your ISP. However, once you switch to a good quality modem you will notice that the speed up and dropouts had stopped.

  • Scan for viruses

Viruses can be another cause for slow internet in your system. Sometimes viruses live on your computer and slow your system over a period. We advise scanning your computer from time to time.

Check for filters To Enhance Internet speed

Some people have internet connection connected to a phone line that they use for telephone as well. If this is the case for you then you need to use good quality filters on your line. These are nothing but little plugs that you need to attach to your phone line since they help filter out the disturbances.

  • Plug in

Wi-Fi is nice; however, wireless internet can be a little slow. Your internet speed will become slower if you plug in your modem. Try getting the chord out of the box and plug it straight into the modem. This trick is very helpful if you have desktop at your home.

Replace or shorten cables To Enhance Internet speed

Often cable length and old cables affects the speed of internet. Consider shortening the cable length or replacing it for better speed. You can also try replacing old sockets, phone cables and lines and use a shorter cable. You will surely notice a huge difference in the speed.

  • Update your software regularly

If you want internet to work smoothly you need to keep updating your computer software and firmware’s regularly. An updated computer will have faster speed compared to a system having outdated software’s and hardware’s. You need to consider updating your computer’s operating system, desktop version and other important software and hardware from time to time.

Internet speed

Find your router/ISP’s best settings

The moment you login to your router or modem, you will notice various settings related to channels and other factors. Keeping these settings by default is not the best options; you need to update the settings based on your devices. You can also check your router’s website to know the best settings.

Turn off and on your internet

One of the best tricks to increase your int speed is to turn off your Router/Modem and then turn on again. This is known as power cycling and it often helps in removing problems that are affecting your internet speed.

So these are some of the best tips that you can try out to increase your internet speed. Let us know which trick works best for you.

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