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What Is Internet ?

What is Internet ? It is what keeps us connected to the world these days, however, it is very necessary to know about it in details. In this article, we are sharing information about the internet in general and its uses.

What is Internet

What is it ?

Firstly It is the largest network that exists in the world. Loads of computers used by various colleges, schools, companies, individuals or any computer in general are connected to each other and are able to share information amongst each other. The result is a mass of cables, servers, routers, satellites and Wi-Fi.

It is that technology that allows you to shop your groceries every week and lets you connect with your family and friends with just a few clicks. Without it you might not have access to various modes of entertainment and news as well.

How big is the internet?

Now that you know what it is, the next question that might arise in your head is how big is the internet. Honestly, no one can say how big is it. However, we can only imagine its spread. The wiring of internet is huge and it can round of the earth 100 times. The word is connected via the this, without it no one will ever know what is happening on the other sitde of the world.

How many people use the it on an average daily?

The number of people using the internet is increasing everyday. The number of people using the it has increased recently with the introduction of smartphones. Smartphones run of it hence the number of people becoming aware of various usage of internet is also increasing. Every second more than half of the people living in the world are online looking for something.

What is Internet

How does the internet work?

The internet comprises of massive network of specialized computers that are commonly known as routers. The task of each router is to know how to move a packet from its source to destination. A packet will be moved by various routers on its way to its destination. When one packet is moved from one end to other, it is known as hop. This is how information travels from one user to another on it. The internet structure is very complex.

The world today is turning towards it for any information that they need. The internet has various uses, mostly advantages, however, if not used correctly it might lead to severe damages. It must be used wisely and optimal results will be achieved.

Finally In general terms, the internet is the pioneer source of any information that you are looking for. The information available online on the this can be used in various ways. It helps in connecting people residing in one end of the world to connect to people living on the other end. It is very cost effective and easy to access. One can access it on his or her mobile phone.

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