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      How to use find my iPhone app

      Find my iPhone app is a very helpful application that you should download in your device. It helps you in locating your device remotely when it misplaced, stolen or lost. You can use this application virtually from anywhere on all your Apple devices including your iPad, iPod, iPad touch or your Mac laptop or desktop. Using this application, you just cannot locate your device but you can also wipe away data and save it from the wrong hands. If you are not sure where to start with find my iPhone app, you can just install it and we are here to guide you through.

      How to use find my iPhone app
      How to use find my iPhone app

      How to turn on Find my iPhone app?

      • First of all Launch the settings option on your device, your iPhone or iPad.
      • Secondly, turn on your Apple ID present at the top of the screen.
      • Furthermore Click on iCloud
      • Scroll down and click on the Find my iPhone
      • Tap the switch to turn it on.

      How to use Find my iPhone app on the web

      • first of all that you need to do is to open iCloud.com in a web browser.
      • Furthermore Next, log in to your iCloud account
      • Thirdly Click on the Find iPhone option present on the main menu.
      • Fourthly You need to enter your Apple ID and password in order to sign in and proceed further.
      • Furthermore Tap on “All Devices” option present at the top
      • Furthermore Select the device name from the list of devices
      • Finally You can now zoom in and out on the map and locate your device well.

      How to use Find my iPhone app on iPad and iPhone

      You can use Find my iPhone app not only on Mac, iPad or iPhone but you can also use the app to locate your phone. You will be able to find it any iPhone. With the application, you will be able to track any device, which is linked with your iCloud account.

      How to use find my iPhone app

      I Cloud Account to use find my iphone app

      • Firstly Start with Launching the Find my iPhone app on the device you are using it.
      • Secondly, you need to log in to your iCloud ID.
      • Thirdly Select the device you want o track.
      • Furthermore You can now click on the “Actions” option and have a look at the available options. The options will be the same as the web view of iCloud.
      • Now Play Sound: This particular option plays an audible tone even if your device is on vibrate or silent mode. This option comes very handily when you have to locate your phone somewhere around the house.
      • Most Noteworthy Lost mode: While using this option you will be asked to enter a phone number, which will display on the screen of the lost device. The person who found your device needs to call on the number and contact you.
      • Furthermore Erase: If you think that your device is in wrong hands and you want to save it, you can then remotely delete everything from your device in order to protect your information.

      So these are ways of using find my iPhone app. The application is very useful and surely is beneficial when it comes to finding a lost device.

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