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iOS 14 feature: Every year apple introduces the new major software version of its iOS update for iPhone, iPad. For 2020 that update is called the iOS 14.

If you are an Apple user and haven’t download the iOS 14 then you can download it from Settings > General > Software Update.

In this article, we will tell you some of the new Key features of iOS 14. Are listed below

iOS 14 feature: A New Home Screen

In iOS 14 you will get the whole new home screen, in which you can able to remove the app from the home screen and even eliminate the entire screen. All your app will remain in a new app library, a page that is one swipe beyond your final home screen.

Apple app library automatically groups all the apps together into a big folder that will show the entire recent app and also provide the app search option. You can search the app with the help of the search bar at the top. Not only that all the folder are automatically organized by the categories like social, health and Fitness etc.

New Widgets

Widget is one of the parts of apple iOS for years. In iOS 14 you will get all new widget experience. The new Widget can have more information and a bunch of new sizes. But one of the most important things is that they can drag right off today view and onto your home screen. And with the help of the smart stack widget, you can swipe through your commonly used widgets.

iOS 14 feature: New Siri Interface

Siri full-screen takeover will finally become the last thing. In iOS 14 when you trigger Siri it will simply show a Siri ”blob” at the bottom of your display. That will help show the result on the top of the screen in the notification.

Picture in Picture            

After available on the iPad, the Picture in Picture feature also comes in the iPhone in iOS 14. It really helps when you are watching some important thing and want to use your phone then you only have to swipe to your home screen and the video will continue to play in the little box. That will allow you to keep using your phone f0or other things.

iOS 14 feature: App Clip

With the help of the Apple all-new feature of app clips, you can use a little micro part of the app that allows you to use  the specific app without having to download, install and sign in to a big app

iOS 14 feature: Privacy Enhancement

If we talk about privacy then apple takes privacy very seriously. So in iOS 14, it includes many new features that will help you to protect your privacy. With the help of this new feature, you can give your approximate location when your app asks for that. And if the app asks to access your photos, you can select specific photos to give it access to it, instead of your whole photo liberal

Not only that I will show a little green dot in the status bar when some other app is using the camera.

So these are some of the important features of iOS 14. With the help of this feature, you can make your phone more secure. If you want to know more feature of Apple and how to use these feature then stay put for the next article. If you like this article then please tell in the comment section and if you have a tech-related problem then you can contact we will help you to solve them. Or you can check some more tech-related article like below

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