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MacBook Pro screen flickering is the problem that has been reported from certain enough people experiencing it. Sometimes the user has reported that they have noticed the serious of running terminal on the screen and sometimes it the multicolour pattern on the screen.  Especially when the graphics are enabled or disable or by pressing the certain keys of the keyboard.

MacBook Pro screen flickering

Some time the flickering the Mac book screen is so bad that you do not even understand the screen. The main problem seems to be the bad compatibility of the new operating system and graphics processing unit.  

To fix the Mac book pro screen flickering problem you have to follow the steps given below.

Restart the Mac book pro.

  • Firstly open try to restart the Mac book pro. By going to the Apple menu and clicking on the restart option.
  • Or try to shut down the device and after a few minutes trying to turn it up again.
  • Maybe it will help you to solve the problem in the Mac book pro screen flickering.

 Update the Mac OS

Try to update the Mac OS, by following these options.

  • Firstly go to “Apple menu” or the “Mac app store” > “Then System preferences”.
  • If there is an update for your Mac then update it because the new update might have the solution for the flickering screen problem you are having.
  • But before doing that back up your data on some kind of hard drive or on the iCloud.
  • After that follow the steps on the screen to update the Mac OS and once your Mac got restart then check again that you are having the flickering screen problem or not.

Uninstall the chromium for MacBook Pro screen flickering

MacBook Pro screen flickering

Sometimes it seems that the screen flickering issue starts happing when you use the chromium-browser. In addition, it is proven that the screen flickering issue comes from the different layers of complexity. However, it is the advice that to completely ditch the chromium as the second browser if you are having the flickering problem whenever you open that browser.  

Reset the PRAM and NVRAM

Assuming that all the method tells above dint help then try to reset the PRAM or NVRAM of your Mac.

To reset the PRAM or NVRAM follow these steps.

  • First, shut down your device and don’t restart it because the NVRAM is a kind of memory that save the data. So when you forcefully turn off the device and turn on the issue remains the same.
  • So when you start the Mac then immediately press the following keys “Command” + “option” + “P” + “R” for 20 seconds.
  • After that, your Mac will reset the NVRAM, which might help you to solve the problem.
MacBook Pro screen flickering

Reset the SMC (System Management Controller) for MacBook Pro screen flickering

This is the method that only applies the laptop Mac or portable Mac which have the inbuilt battery like Mac book air and Mac book pro with the retina display in it.

  • To reset the SMC you have to follow these steps.
  • Firstly unplug the Mac display, and after that turn off the Mac.
  • Remember to stay connected with the MagSafe power adapter. After that press, the “Shift + “Control” + “Power” for few second and this will rest the SMC of the Mac book.
  • After that press the power button and turn on the Mac and when the Mac is turned on then plug in the screen again.

In conclusion

If doing this all doesn’t help you out with the problem of matchbook pro screen flickering, then try to take your device to your nearest Apple service centre and let them have the look. Maybe sometimes the problem id related to hardware and cannot be fixing by this home hacks.

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