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Macintosh OS Keyboard shortcuts are helpful regardless of the fact that you are using a Windows OS or a Macintosh OS. With keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to get work done easily and quickly. In this article, we are discussing some of the commonly used and important keyboard shortcuts that every Macintosh OS user must know.

Macintosh OS

Command – W for Macintosh OS

To begin you need to close the currently open window and then use this shortcut. This shortcut helps in closing all currently active applications that you are not using.

Command – Y

Most Macintosh OS users use this command to preview items they are looking for. In order to use this shortcut, you need to select an item in Finder. Next, you need to press the space bar and you will be able to view the preview. You also get the option of selecting an item using the Up and Down arrow and navigate the Finder view.

Command – Comma (,) for Macintosh OS

This is one of the least used but useful shortcuts by Macintosh OS users. If you are working on a particular application, this shortcut helps in opening the application preferences of that particular application.  You will be able to navigate the menu bar and scroll through your preferences. Alternatively, you can press the (,) to scroll better.

Command – M

This shortcut is used for minimizing the front app window. You can also press the Command key + M to minimize all windows that belongs to the front app.


This is one of the best shortcuts and can surely change your life. This shortcut helps in invoking the spotlight. All you need to do is press these keys together and then start your query.

Command-Tab for Macintosh OS

Firstly, open the application switcher and keep pressing the command key. Use the Tab key to navigate the app that you want to use.

Command – Shift – \

If you want to view all open tabs in one Safari application, use this shortcut.

Fn Twice

Pressing the Fn button twice in a Macintosh OS system helps in launching dictation. All you need to do is start speaking after pressing the Fn button twice and press the button once to stop dictation. With this shortcut, you will be able to control your system with a voice command. It is really helpful in managing currently open tabs.

Option – File for Macintosh OS

You can access the Close other tabs option while you are using the Safari application. For this, you need to select the options key along with the file menu. You can also try using other safari menu combinations to find out other commands that you might not know.

Macintosh OS

Command – Backtick

This particular command is least known by Mac users, however, is very useful. With this command, you can move between open windows.

Command + Shift + T

According to most users, this particular command is a lifesaver. With this command, you will be able to open your last closed tab. You don’t need to save URL from now on if you use this command.

These are some of the useful Macintosh OS user’s shortcuts. Which one do you use the most?

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