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how to connect two routers wirelessly

How to connect two routers wirelessly , Most people tend to connect only one router to one computer. Situations might arise where you might want to add another router. A second router helps in upgrading a wired network for supporting wireless devices. By adding another router, you will be able to extend the range of your home network. It helps to reach wired devices situated far from the original router. Continue reading to know more.

How to Connect Two Routers Wirelessly

Place the second router for How to connect two routers wirelessly

While you are deciding where to place the second router, make sure that you place it near your Windows PC or the computer you want to be initially configured. However, you can move the router to its permanent location later.

Connect to the second router

How to connect two routers wirelessly? To connect the second router without wireless capability, make sure that you connect it with an existing router, which is connected with an Ethernet cable. Plug one end of the cable into the new router’s port (often the port is labelled as Internet or WAN). Plugin the other end of the cable into any free port on your first router leaving the uplink port.

Connect the second wireless router

How to Connect Two Routers Wirelessly

You can connect a home wireless router using an Ethernet cable the way you connect a wired router. Set up the second router in client mode in order to utilize all functions. However, you also need to make sure that your router supports this mode. Before purchasing your second router, you need to perform thorough research to ensure that it supports client mode and if it does, how to configure it.

Setting up the Wi-Fi channel for Wireless Home Routers

If both your existing and the new router are wireless, chances are that their Wi-Fi signals might interfere with each other which results in connection dropping and network slowdown. Every Wi-Fi router comes with a specific Wi-Fi frequency range, which is known as channels. Signal interference usually takes place when both routers use overlapping or only one channel.

By default, wireless routers use different channels depending on their model but can change these settings.  In order to avoid signal interference between routers, you need to set the first router to use channel 6 or 1 and the second router must use channel 11.

IP Configure the second router

How to Connect Two Routers Wirelessly

Depending on the model of your second router, it will have a default IP address. You do not need to change the IP address of the second router if you want to configure it as an access point.

Configure the second router without any subnetwork support for How to connect two routers wirelessly

In order to set up a new router as a network switch, you need to connect it with an Ethernet cable and then connect the router (new) to the existing router. Next, you need to configure the new wireless router for either repeater or bridge mode. Lastly, you need to configure the IP address of both new as well as the old router.

This is how to connect two routers wirelessly. Follow the steps mentioned above and notice the difference in speed.

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