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How to recover files. It happens with many of us when we accidentally deleted the file or deleted the content of the file. It may be frustrating because you may be working on that file for days or weeks and you think it is the end of the world for you.

Fortunately deleting a file or a piece of work is hasn’t been the problem for the windows user since 1995. The year when windows first launched the recycling bin and help the user to recover files, ways of how to recover the files are as follow.


Recycle Bin for How to recover files

Go to the desktop and look for the recycle bin and double click on it. Because when you delete the file in windows, the file isn’t getting deleted It just moved itself to recycle bin. Recycle bin work as the folder to restore file until it gets full. So after opening the recycle bin select the file and select the restore option to restore the file.

How to recover file using file history

If you don’t have the backups of the file you are working then hopefully you have turned on the file history backup. If you are using the windows 10 then, go to the start button and select the setting option > update and security > backup > add a drive. After that select a different folder for your file and backup it.


Increase the recycle bin space

In windows, the recycle bin has limited space to maintain the deleted file. When it gets full it will empty itself automatically to maintain the hard drive space. 

So if you have the good space hard drive then consider increasing the space or capacity of recycle bin. Just right-click on the recycle bin and choose the properties option. When a dialogue box appears select the option name “custom size” and increase the capacity of the bin.

Consider increasing the capacity of your bin to 10% space of your hard drive.

How to restore the file using system restore

Sometimes we save the different file with the same name of the file we are working on it, it is the easiest way to lose a file. In windows, there is the feature called “shadow copy” which save the copy of the file or folder when the version change.


This only happens when you have made the “windows restore point”, Hope that you have made the restore point.

In this feature, you have to go to the windows and select the folder that contains the new file. Right-click on the file or the folder you want to restore and select the option name “restore the previous version”. After that a dialogue box and allow you to select the version of the file you want to recover and click on the restore button.

Recover a file with Recovering application for How to recover files

If Doing all this doesn’t help you then try to recover your deleted file with recovery application. It might be the free one like “Recuva” or the commercial one like “Stellar data recovery”.

Just follow the screen instruction of these applications and recover the files.


These are some ways that you try when you get the question “How to recover files” and also check some more link related to these topics which are given below.

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