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Windows 10 search not working is a situation when Cortana and the file explorer leads some of the glitches or starts misbehaving.

Windows 10 search not working

After the update of the windows, 10 new versions may have increased and also decrease the integration of the search in the Cortana and file explorer.

Whenever the windows 10 search not working. It may be because of some simple software glitch and can easily be fixed by the restarting or rebooting your devices. 

So here are some of the easy hacks that you can try to when you windows 10 search not working.

Check the network connectivity

The internet is the main ingredients of all make sure that you are connected to the internet.

If you are not connected to the internet then the windows 10 search will not work.

So advice from us is to check that you are connected to the internet while you using the search option of the windows.

Try to restart your devices if Windows 10 search not working

As we told you before it may happen because of the simple software glitch and can easily be working again by rebooting your devices.

It is kind of basic advice to fix most of the computer problem.

But also try to perform the shut down rather than restart because it sends your device to the hibernation mode.

After that when you boot the device then it will give the fresh core of the computer may have also fixed the simple glitch.

Try to turn off the Cortana and on it again

Since doing the above steps won’t work then try to turn off and then on the Cortana.  Cortana is entwining with the windows 10 search function. Some time doing off and on it may have solved the problem of the search misbehaving.

Windows troubleshooter.

Windows 10 search not working

Microsoft windows troubleshooter, not all ways give the proper solution to the problem. But can help you by giving the right link to learn more or by pinpointing the actual problem.

To open troubleshooter to go “Start” option > open “Setting” > “Update and security” option > Find the troubleshooter > Then go to the reach and indexing. After that click on the “run the troubleshooter” button to find or go through the diagnostics.

Check the search service is running.

It is quite possible that you may have disabled the search service by mistake or it got disabled by itself.

To enable it to press “Windows + R” That will open the Rum windows and after that type the “services.msc” and press enter.

After that when you see that the service windows appears, then scroll down the list and find the windows search. If it is running or not disable then right-click on it and select the restart option.

If you see that it is disabling or has the blank status then again right-click on it and select the start option.

Try to rebuild the indexing option if windows 10 search not working

It may happen that sometimes windows have forgotten to know where some files and folder are. TO fix this problem try to rebuild the indexing option of the windows. To rebuild indexing option goes to “Start” through control “panel in the windows”.

Then select the indexing option from the main menu and right-click on it. Then click on the advance option after that click on the rebuild option.


Windows 10 search not working

If doing all the above solution dint help you then try to Re-install the Windows 10.

Or try to take your pc to the service centre or to the PC repairing shop or can ask for help from us.

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