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Windows 10 start menu not working is the most frustrating thing we all have ever experienced in our daily life. It has become the key feature of the Windows OS since 95. It helps the user to operate the OS there want and find the application they are looking for and also show the frequent application that we use regularly.

Windows 10 start menu not working

Sometimes suddenly the start menu of the windows 10 starts misbehaving and will you are doing your work, playing the game, streaming videos etc.

But it is the problem that can easily be solved by the easy hack from the tech support forum 247.

Kill the explore when the windows 10 start menu not working

This hack is the quickest and easiest way to solve the problem for the windows 10 start menu. In this, we stop the windows process in the task manager and there no guarantee of working but it helps lots of people to reinstall the windows and loss there data.

For this you have to follow these steps

  • Firstly press the “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Esc” At the same time and it will open the task manager.
  • After that find the unit name “Windows explorer”. Then right-click on the unit and click on the restart option. After that check that your window’s tab starts working.

Cleaning the corrupt files from the computer

For this step, we have found and clear the corrupt file from the computer because it might be the reason that window 10 start menu not working.

  • Firstly make sure that you have back up all the files in some kind of cloud account or in a kind of pen drive or hard disk.
  • After doing that open the task manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) > click on “file” > “Run new task” > “create this task with administration privilege” > type “Powershell” > and press “enter”.
  • Then in PowerShell type “scf /scannow” and don’t forget to give space between scf and /scannow. It will find the corrupt file.
  • If you see the error saying “Windows resource protection found the corrupt file but was unable to fix some (or all) of them”. If this kind of error appears then type this command given below.


This command will clean the entire corrupt file or replace the version of the file online.

Fix the start menu by rebuilding the index, if the windows 10 start menu not working

Indexing is the process where you can find the file email and another type of content within your windows 10 OS.

For instance, if you are performing the keyword search in the windows 10 then you are using the indexing process, to rebuild the windows 10 index.

  • Firstly press and hold the “Windows” + “R” key and it will open the Run window.
  • Then type this command which will take you to the index option windows.
  • Control/name Microsoft.IndexingOption
  • Next click on the modify button on the screen and also click on the show all location and un-tick the all the tick boxes after that click enter.
  • After that click on the advance option and then go to the troubleshooting section and click on the “rebuild” option. Then Device will give you the warning that this will take a long time and simply click on OK.
  • After some time or cup of coffee when the process then again press. Hold the “Windows” + “R” key again and type this command “shutdown-r”
Windows 10 start menu not working

After the device is rebooting then check your start menu problem got solve or not. If not then try to re-install windows 10 completely. Before doing that don’t forget to back up your important file data.

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